The July to September 2021 issue #47 of First Impressions is now available

Our frequent contributor Jan Pieter (John) van der Ven has been busy over the last few months overseeing the sale of his vast collection of first day covers, but he has also been hard at work preparing much of his collection as articles for publication in First Impressions. This special issue of our newsletter presents four of his articles reporting on the early FDCs issued by several leading philatelic organizations including the Hamilton Philatelic Society, Winnipeg Philatelic Society, and Ottawa Philatelic Society along with three such groups in Saskatchewan: Saskatoon Philatelic Society, The Beaver Philatelic Society, and Wascana Philatelic Society. All these organization began their series of FDCs between 1933 and 1935 primarily as a benefit for their members. These and other collections of John’s, including Middlesex Stamp Club, will be offered at the Sparks September auction.

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