The April to June 2021 issue #46 of First Impressions is now available

There is lots of interesting material in this issue, covering a wide span of time from the 1940s through the early part of the 21st century.

A theme of industry-related FDCs continues with articles by Bob Vogel (Norton Company) and John van der Ven (Cominco). Stamp dealers were also the topic of two more articles, one by John featuring Harold Bickerstaff’s cachets and the other showing two ephemeral pieces from Rosecraft’s final days. We enter the 21st century on a rare occasion for Charles Verge’s presentation about a surprise issue for the celebration of Canada being awarded the 2010 Winter Games. A pair of brief items from my files round out the issue, one showing a “manufactured” pretense at being a FDC and the other requesting information about some specific Artopages covers.

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