About Us

Our Email address is admin@CanadaFDC.org

What the site contains
This is the site for anything and everything related to Canadian First Day Covers. Of course not all of it is here yet, but it will be. Some of the things we will be bringing here are: Catalogues - Covers, cachets, cancels. Pictures and prices. Lists and Links to anything and everything we find on the web. News of sales coming and going. Newsletters with articles of interest. Discussion areas for talking about Canadian First Day Covers. FAQ - if we answer a question, it will be frequent enough. Expert help in identifying, classifying, cataloguing, pricing, selling, buying, storing your Canadian FDCs. If we can think of anything else, it will be here. Watch the front page / Blogs to keep up.

What it doesn't have
There are two kinds of things we don't have here, what we don't want and what we don't yet have.

We will not carry advertising, particularly popups. And we do not carry on any commercial transactions. Our only nod in this direction is a section that lists known sellers and sites. We couldn't claim to be complete without that information.

There is a lot that we don't have. Some of it has been published and we hope to catalogue and where possible link to all the relevant material. Some of it is news or research that we are not aware of. Our gallery of images is incomplete at best and haphazard at worst, as images are stored by members in the organization that suits their own collections. We do not even have a clear statement of what Canada First Day Cover includes. As we incorporate earliest cancellations, Newfoundland, post cards and advertising covers, we will have to stay flexible.
So we will be looking to both our members and viewers to keep this site true to its purpose, with their corrections, updates, new information, images and discussion.

Registration and Membership
This site supports and is supported by the First Day Cover Study Group (FDCSG), a research group of the British North America Philatelic Society (BNAPS).

Membership comes in several flavours. While the site is open to the public for viewing, registration for the site allows members some privileges. They are allowed to post questions and answers, update and create new material and maintain a private page to present their own background, interests and items for sale. Due to a technical limitation we hope to address soon, separate registration for the Gallery is required to be able to upload and organize images. And lastly, there is the FDCSG which operates independently of this site. A separate area to support FDCSG projects is available to members of this group.

Site and Gallery membership is available through the site itself and is free. Membership is required to reduce the administration and security required to maintain the site. Membership approval is done manually, so please bear with any delays.

Membership in the FDCSG should be arranged directly.